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Competence in Wine

Mack & Schuehle Group is involved in production, importing and distributing of a broad range of international wines. Founded in 1939 the company has been family-owned ever since.

Mack & Schuehle produces wines in Italy and Spain and imports and distributes international wines on a global scale.

An integral part of the Mack & Schuehle Group, Mack & Schuhle Inc. is the importer for the Mack & Schuehle range of wines in the US-market and organizes the distribution in the US.

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Where we excel

Maximum flexibility throughout all markets, achieved through a versatile portfolio of premium brands.

Reliability and confidence through distribution of top-quality producer brands.

Long-standing experience in designing exclusive consumer brands.


June 2, 2020

BTI Wine of the Week Feature

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