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  • From our organic vineyards in Abruzzi near the Adriatic Coast Montepulciano thrives on the hillsides, this traditional red wine generously displays the essence of the varietal with plum, licorice and spicy aromas and flavors.

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    Art of Earth


    Italy Abruzzi

  • The most enjoyed wines of Sicliy are from Barone Montalto, known in the world for their quality and authenticity.  A blend of the islands’ most famous red grape and the eponymous Cabernet Sauvignon, our red blend is the perfect expression of modern day Sicilian winemaking.

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    Barone Montalto

    Cabernet Nero D’avola

    Italy Sicily

  • Toscano Rosso has become a celebrated modern rendition of Sangiovese, blended with international varieties allowing winemakers to create their own unique style.  Our Santa Lucia Rosso blends Cabernet Sauvignon to create a deeply colored and intensly flavored wine.

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    Santa Lucia


    Italy Tuscany

  • Made by the Ripasso method in Valpolicella where the Amarone pumace is added to the grape must and fermented together yielding a more intensly flavored wine with deeper color.

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    Italy Venezie