Artigiano Bellini

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Out of a profound passion for wine, and at a time where the consumption of wine was an exclusive privilege of the upper class, the winemaker Peter Mertes founded his own winery in 1924. His mission: to make wine accessible to people from all walks of life and to share his passion for wine with as many people as possible.

Now as in the past, the liberal thinking of our company founder remains deeply anchored in our company philosophy. We believe that, primarily, wine is supposed to taste good and contribute to the enjoyment of life.

Therefore, it is with passion and true ambition that our staff – many of whom privately run their own wine estates – work to offer you wines that tastefully accompany the precious moments of life.We are invested in keeping our homeland along the Mosel River a top wine growing region. To that end, our own family vineyards along the Mosel and Saar rivers are continuously being expanded and currently comprise nearly then 100 hectares (= 247 acres).