MGM improves the tradition of Italian wine. The idea behind MGM is to supply quality wines suiting consumers expectations. Grape harvesting and processing is not just enough to make an excellent wine. It takes passion, curiosity, and enthusiasm. These are exactly the values shared by all the staff working every day at MGM Mondo del Vino and which have turned us into one of the fifteen top Italian wine exporters.
Today, the production of MGM is closely followed by oenologists and biologists, who control every stage of winemaking, ageing, bottling and quality, in order to reach our main objective: making our customers happy.
April 5th, 1991 is the date of birth of MGM. On that day, the founders Alfeo Martini, Roger Gabb and Christoph Mack, oenologists and wine-making experts, welcomed three winemakers coming from long experiences in different continents. This encounter of different wine cultures resulted in a new way of thinking up, producing and marketing Italian quality wine.
Since 2005, the founding members have further innovated their approach to business and transferred substantial shares in the company to its management, in order to encourage a higher participation and the sharing of the project endorsed by MGM.
Today, the production process at MGM is closely followed by oenologists and biologists: this team works with expertise and professionalism by controlling every stage of wine-making, ageing, bottling, and quality control.
In 2013 MGM joins Mondodelvi SpA group
Our grapes are selected through direct agreements with producer cooperatives and private companies. This reality is recognized as a winning project and constantly evolving.

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