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At the center of modern day Piedmont, Italy, the historical Roman province of Alessandria, Cuvage was born in 2011 as a sparkling house offering wines that express a unique history. Cuvage specializes in traditional method (metodo classico) and charmat method (Metodo Martinotti) winemaking; it focuses on native varieties like Nebbiolo, Moscato, and Brachetto. Cuvage was founded to emphasize a unique terroir as well as honor the cradle of Italian sparkling wine, which was born in this area in 1895.

  • From the world renowned Cuvage winery in Acqui Terme, Acquesi Asti DOCG is unsurpasssed worldwide in aromatic sparkling wines. It is floral and complex with aromas of tree fruits and honey.

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    Asti DOCG

    Italy Piedmont